M.Ed (Master of Education)

Master of Education or M.Ed. is a Postgraduate course which deals with the methodology of educational research and experimentation of new techniques of teaching. This course particularly introduces you to new levels of teaching processes. Students who have successfully qualified there bachelors of education (B.Ed) from a recognized institution are eligible to apply. There are varied numbers of career options after passing out from the course like Counselor, Teacher, Administrator etc. With the completion of course comes the responsibility and experience of practical handling of problems related to the education industry. The course also makes one capable of dealing with core research aptitude issues with ease.

M.Ed. is a specialized program for potential educators or for those with a bachelor degree in education seeking an in-depth knowledge of the field. This program focuses on various aspects of education as a stream and area of research. Thus it covers sub-fields such as administration, curriculum, instruction, leadership, counseling and educational technology.

This course churns out leaders in the field of education as it focuses on multiple aspects of education and training. Moving ahead from what comprises a curriculum at Bachelor’s level, this program encompasses cultural, sociological and political aspects of education. Some of the topics covered are classroom techniques, instructional technologies, cross-cultural awareness, sociological and political issues in education.

M.Ed course provides knowledge of education systems and pattern more profoundly, it helps gain more experience to be advanced teacher or educator. While studying this course, you can specialize in subjects like Educational Technologies, Educational Management, Language Education and Teacher Education amongst many other specialized subjects.

Benefits of Master in Education (M.Ed.)

Among various benefits, some are listed below:

  • Ed. Course helps gain expertise and technical finesse needed to promote to advanced teacher or educator. Hence, students can get jobs in high schools easily after attaining M.Ed. degree.
  • The course provides you with an experience of actual teaching by giving opportunities to teach in a classroom setting, under the supervision of an experienced teacher. This way you learn the tricks and tips of how to be a teacher.
  • Teachers with advanced degree can also be promoted to administration level, which further leads to higher pay.
  • Having a master’s degree makes you an expert in your field and thus M.Ed. degree carries prominent weightage in teaching job market.
  • Aspiring teachers needs master’s degree to apply in universities or colleges.

In all, getting M.Ed. degree can enhance your expertise in teaching and enrich your career prospects. It establishes you as an expert teacher and provides you with excellent job opportunities.

Master of Education (M.Ed.): Course Highlights

Course Level Post – Graduation
Duration 2 year
Examination Type Yearly Once
Top Recruiting Areas Coaching Centers, Education Consultancies, Home/Private Tuitions, Museums, Publishing Houses, Schools/Colleges, Research and Development Agencies.
Job Profiles Lecturer/Professor, Soft skill trainer, Counselor, Head Master, Junior Assistant, etc.