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Accredited with ‘B’ Grade by NAAC
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Dr.P.Suresh Prabu

Code of Conduct for the Principal

The Principal of an Institution should always be honest, fair, objective, supportive, protective and law abiding. Besides, the following traits are expected from the principal. He/ She has to

Ensure that the staff and students aware of rules, policies and procedures lay down by the college and enforce them fittingly.
Chalk out a policy and plan to execute the vision and mission.
Be fair in his/her actions for all the members of faculty, non-teaching staff and students.
Listen to the student’s ideas and set a supportive tone.
Execute any other qualitative and quantitative work for the welfare of the institution.
Recommend and forward communication to the authorities.
Carry him/her with the highest integrity and has to exhibit outstanding and strong leadership skills.
The principal should ensure quality in education and academic activities.
The Principal should chalk out policy and plan to execute the vision and mission of the college.
The Principal should form various college level committees and appoint co-ordinators.
The Principal should convene meetings of different Cells as and when required
The Principal should monitor financial matters efficiently.
The Principal should motivate teachers to enhance their knowledge by attending various trainings.
The Principal should ensure that the directions issued by the Department of College Education are strictly complied with.

Code of Conduct for the Faculty Members

Perform duties, in the form of teaching, tutorial, practical, seminar, research work entrusted by the College with diligence, dedication and punctuality.
Contribute to professional growth through continuous research and presentations in conferences, seminars and professional meetings.
Co-operate and assist in the admission, examination, supervision, and invigilation and evaluation process of the College.
Abide by Act, Statutes, Ordinances, rules, policies, and procedures of the College and respect its ideals, vision, mission, cultural practices and traditions.
Adhere to responsible conduct and behaviour expected of them by the society.
Act as role models for students by displaying good conduct and character.
Act as friends, philosophers and mentors of students in identifying their potentials and encourage them to improve their personality and contribution to the community welfare, environment and national heritage.
Encourage students to actively participate in activities of national priorities.
Respect the rights and dignity of the students in expressing his/her opinion.
Refrain from harassment of students in any form.

Code of Conduct for the Non Teaching Staff

Carry out official decisions and policies faithfully and impartially, seeking to attain the highest possible standards of performances.
Encourage the staff to maximize their efficiency.
Create conditions that inspire teamwork.
Act timely to readdress the genuine grievances.
Maintain confidentiality of the records and other sensitive matters.
Show care for the institution’s property.
Facilitate congenial environment.
Refrain from any form of discrimination.
Not accept bribes or indulge in any corrupt practices.
Make every effort to complete the assigned work in a time-bound manner.

Leave Rules for Teaching and Non-Teaching:

Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The sanctioning authority has full discretion to refuse or revoke leave of any description when the exigencies of service so demand.
The authority may recall the employee to duty before the expiry of his/her leaves.
Unauthorized absence from duty may be treated as misbehaviour involving disciplinary action. A faculty and other staff member on leave shall not take up any service or accept any employment without the prior sanction of the authority.
Casual leave will be admissible to an employee of the college for a total period not exceeding 1.5 days in a month.
Any balance period of casual leave shall end with the calendar year.
Casual leave should not be combined with any kind of regular leave discussed in the following sections or with vacation.
Casual leave required advance sanction and the employee has to make alternative arrangements for his/her work.
Casual leave for half a day can be granted to a faculty and other staff member for the forenoon or afternoon.
Medical leave may be granted to a faculty and other staff member based on the Medical certificate obtained from any of the doctors in the panel of doctors. Medical Leave can be accumulated up to maximum of 120 days.

Code of Conduct for the Students

Remain punctual, disciplined and regular in attending class lectures, tutorials.
Students must report to the lab directly in time with observation book and record
Observe modesty in their overall appearance and behaviour.
Behave with dignity and courtesy with teachers, staff and fellow students.
Act as role models for junior students by attaining the highest level of values and morality.
Maintain harmony among students belonging to different socio-economic statuses, communities, castes, religions and regions.
Students are strictly advised to refrain from activities such as scribbling or noting on walls, door or furniture which could deface the college and destroy the academic ambience
Contribute towards cleanliness of the campus and its surroundings.
Show respect and care for the institutional properties.
Observe proper behaviour while on educational tour /visit or excursion.
Help teachers in maintaining learning environment conducive for all students.
Strive to keep campus ragging free.
Be sensitive to gender issues.
Be sensitive to societal needs and development.
Any violation of the above rules will invite penalty in the form of warning, fine, complaints to parents or any course of corrective measure as found suitable by any staff member or the highest authority of the College.

Leave Rules for Students’

All the leave must be supported by leave letter.
If the leave is pre-planned, the leave letter should submit in prior.
All medical leave for more than 3 days must be supported with medical certificate.
In case any leave the leave letter must be submit on the date the student is reporting the college.