Introduction about B.Ed

B.Ed or Bachelor of education was introduced to train up aspiring teachers in all aspects of teaching. The training module also inducts various teaching methods which can be implemented for success with the students irrespective of their class, and IQ .

  • Your efficiency as a teacher amplifies after a 2year course in B.Ed
  • A B.Ed degree sharpens your expertise and broaden your understanding so that you can impart quality education.
  • Ed training provides you with ideas about innovative teaching procedures.
  • You become more aware of child pedagogy.
  • You tend to comprehend psychological principles of growth and development of individual students and address them accordingly.

Introduction about M.Ed

M.Ed or Master of Education is a master degree course that deals with the study of new methods of teaching and educational research. The programme focuses on different aspects of education including instruction, curriculum, counseling, leadership, and educational technology.

M.Ed is typically of two years duration. Candidates can pursue M.Ed in regular mode. After the completion of M.Ed course, candidates can choose to work not only as teachers but also counselors, administrators, head masters, etc.